Why Should You Prefer A Foundation Course?

The foundation courses provided by Vishwa Education in maths and science help students build strong basics for excelling in their regular school examinations and the future competitive examinations. We also help students develop interests in science and technology and provide positive reinforcement in our students’ learning.

What Is A Foundation Course?

A foundation course is a preparatory course prepared for training in university-level competitive examinations. They are strategically designed to focus on the basics in maths and science, enabling our students to smarty grasp the concepts and crack competitive examinations like JEE and NEET.

What Are The Advantages Of A Foundation Course?

Advantages of enrolling with Vishwa Education foundation courses are:

● Improved Learning

Foundation courses help you improve your concepts. They provide a regular learning experience which helps develop the self-discipline and study routine required to crack competitive examinations like JEE and NEET.

● Experienced Faculty And Mentors

Our expert faculty members and mentors will help you solve your doubts and provide one-on-one interactions and personal assistance. We aim to not only help you build stronger concepts but also help you develop an interest in learning and exploring.

● Advanced Study Methodology

Learning at Vishwa Education is a great learning experience for students. Our meticulously designed study materials and foundation courses are available for all our students. Our highly interactive and competent learning classrooms provide a good learning environment for our students.

Our revised high-quality study materials help our students save time in preparing notes and making a note on how to write perfect answers in an examination.

● Practical Experience In Science Labs

We believe a child best learns through experience. Our science lab aims to provide an interactive and more engaging learning experience. It helps in the development of logical and analytical thinking and improves observation.

● Periodic Examinations And Report Analysis

Our periodic scheduled examinations help students stay regular in their studies and, at the same time, do not overburden them with heavy syllabus and deadlines. Our periodic report analysis helps us track the growth of your child’s learning graph and areas of strengths and improvements.

Foundation Courses By Vishwa Education

Vishwa Education offers the following foundation courses.

● Dr Homi Bhabha’s Young Scientist Exam Preparation Course (Class 6 and 9)

Dr Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Examination (junior scientist) is an examination conducted by The Great Bombay Science Teachers Association.

● Government Scholarship Examinations (class 5 and 9)

This Examination is conducted annually, offering scholarships to exceptional students by The State Government Of Maharashtra.

● Class 7 Standard Olympiad And Foundation Batch

We aim to develop basic concepts in maths and science that are introduced in the 7th standard in the curriculum, which helps our students crack competitive examinations like JEE and NEET.

● NTSE (National Talent Search Examination- 10th standard + CBSE and state board)

This is an annual examination conducted by the Central and State government for students studying in 10th standard. Many NTSE toppers avail full scholarships from various coaching institutes.

● Olympiad And Regular Class 4t Batch

These examinations are conducted periodically to help inspire young students in subjects like science, maths and English. They are designed to test your logical, scientifical, grammatical and mental capabilities.

● Summer Science Lab Practical Courses

Our highly equipped science lab practical courses help our students develop interests and improve concepts in maths and science.

Bottom Line

By enrolling with Vishwa Education, a foundation coaching institute in Aurangabad, you can get maximum benefits for your child’s education and one step closer to preparing for competitive examinations. Enroll today.

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