Science Lab : Practical level for Dr.Homi Bhabha Exam

For our students, residing in Aurangabad, we have set up a fully functional science lab, where they can perform, experience and learn! This setup is one of its kind in Aurangabad. In fact, it is our way of teaching science!

Vishwa Education introduces a portable science kit, for students living outside Aurangabad, where they can perform science practical, whenever he/she wishes! So, parents, stop pushing your child to study! It includes a manual with procedure and conclusion.

You can order it from anywhere! Contact us for more details!
Rashmi Baheti -7588811514

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Salient features of Science kit:

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Founded on 17 September 2012, Vishwa Education is Aurangabad’s next generation teaching organization, where students develop a strong foundation in various career building subjects, especially mathematics and science. The whole curriculum is designed to make students understand the concepts better and their application in daily life.

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