Maths Olympiad for Class 4

Thinking logically and solving problems are skills that any child should pick up at an early age. As they grow up and face real-world problems, they will be able to think for themselves instead of assuming things at face value. In order to develop a mathematical mind, children need to be engaged in maths games and involved in competitive tests that will teach them to be resilient and persevering.

Children can participate in many competitive events at the school level. One of the most popular among them is the Maths Olympiads. Here, we will focus on Class IV students and what you need to know to prepare your child for a Maths Olympiad for class 4.

What Is Maths Olympiad?

It is a popular Mathematics competition held nationally and internationally to develop an interest in maths and improve the mathematical skills of a student. It is conducted at different grade levels and gives students a chance to win awards, certifications and sometimes, even scholarships. Regularly participating in Olympiads will prepare students to crack serious exams like IIT-JEE and NEET exams after their 12th.

Who Conducts Maths Olympiad For Class 4?

Maths olympiads exams in India are conducted by independent organizations, some of which are

  • Science Olympiad Foundation conducts the National Science/Maths Olympiad (NSO) and International Mathematics Olympiad exams (IMO)
  • Silver Zone Foundation conducts the International Reasoning and Aptitude Olympiad (iRAO) and International Olympiad of Mathematics [IOM]
  • Unified Council organises National Level Science Talent Search Examination (NSTSE)

Olympiad coaching is sometimes provided in schools or by professionals who specialize in competitive exams.

What Is The Maths Olympiads Syllabus For Class 4 Students?

The syllabus is almost the same as in regular school, with topics from State Board, CBSE, and ICSE syllabus. Up to Class III, children are taught rudimentary Maths. From Class IV, they will slowly become exposed to tricky questions to help them develop logical skills. The Science Olympiad Foundation’s website provides more details on the syllabus for Class 4 students.

What Is The Marking Pattern?

There will be a total of 35 objective questions, ten questions under sections 1, 2 and 3 and five questions under section 4. Each question carries one mark except for section 4, where each question carries two marks. So total marks will be 40 with no negative marking. Students will have one hour to complete the test.

Is My Child Eligible To Take the Test?

There are no eligibility criteria to register for the first level exam in Maths Olympiad for Class 4. Your child needs to score at least 50% in level 1 to qualify for level 2 exams. Normally, the top 5% of each class who appear for the level 1 exam can appear for the level 2 exam.

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